Oracle Database 12c

09 July 2016 by Admin

The latest generation of the world's most popular database, Oracle Database 12cRelease, complete with innovative Multitenant architecture, new In-Memory column store and support for JSON documents, is now available. Designed for the cloud, Oracle Database 12c helps customers make more efficient use of their IT resources while continuing to improve their users' service levels and further reduce IT costs.

Cloud Database

Private Database Cloud
Private database clouds leverage existing technologies and best practices to deliver the value of cloud within an enterprise. Private database clouds enable enterprises to rapidly deploy new services, respond more quickly to changing business requirements, efficiently utilize resources by deploying services on a shared platform, and enable a high degree of automation and self-management.

Public Database Cloud

The Public Cloud leverages existing technologies and best practices to deliver Oracle Database Technologies to any customer utilizing Oracle’s secure and optimized cloud-computing platform. The Public Cloud contains a number of platform services that are the same proven technologies that has made Oracle the world’s #1 provider of database management software.